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Religious Persecution is Not a Myth

I am writing this post in response to an article on Huffington Post where Candida Moss discusses the ‘myth’ of Christian persecution. Ms. Moss makes several valid points in this article but I think it wise to actually review the … Continue reading

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Understanding the reality of Absolute Peace

I have spoken before of the need for peace through the achievement of equality in all things, including religion. Although I personally label myself a pagan, I respect the Christian faith for its concept of the God of peace. I do find, however, that by … Continue reading

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To (e)m, adding to the debate

Dear (e)m, You are more than welcome. I have no intention of offending people on purpose and if my statements are taken in such a light it is my responsibility to sincerely apologize. You are quite correct in that I … Continue reading

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Is God an atheist?

Interesting question, isn’t it? Allow me to explain why I chose to name this post in such a manner before you delve too deeply and your thoughts become hopelessly distracted by the far reaching philosophical implications inherent in the question … Continue reading

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