A Message of Compassion and Renewal

I wish you a truly wonderful Solstice my friends. On this day of renewal, as we honor and revere the eternal cycle of our existence, it is important to remember that there are many who suffer in silence through adversity and persecution in every community across our country and indeed the breadth of the world. We must not avert our gaze while others are forced to endure such pain and offer them such comfort as we are able.

It may seem that the challenges we face are too difficult to overcome but this is an illusion, a specter of despair that only hope and faith can conquer. Our differences appear to divide us but our diversity is also our greatest strength. Today we renew our commitment to reach an accord with our opponents through compromise forged in the strength of our love and tempered by our limitless capacity for compassion.

Even those privileged few who wield the greatest power for change in our great nation face the soul-crushing depression that often smothers our hearts in the wake of absolute failure. When the Speaker of the House of Representatives bows his head under the weight of absolute rejection by his own peers, his public persona shattered, every one of us should pause for a moment of serious reflection. The sight of Mr. Boehner’s tears, the outward sign of his overwhelming frustration and despair, should not be considered just cause for celebration among those of us who oppose his ideology.

Mr. Boehner deserves our sympathy and yes, our understanding, for though the unfolding debacle in America’s House may very well signal the end of the Republican Party as we know it, we mustn’t dismiss the confusion and chaos that accompanies such upheaval. The sound of the Speaker’s pain echoing through the hallowed halls of our nation’s capital should resonate within our hearts, and I for one feel for him deeply. May his effort to find a solution toward progress and compromise continue and may he finally find success. Blessed Be.


About William Knox

Rev. William Knox is the founder and current Chancellor of the Contemporary Pagan Alliance. Ordained in 1995 as an interfaith minister, he serves as senior priest at the Sanctuary of Light in Ravenswood,WV. and is an invested brother in the Shanddite Order of Pagan Secular Monks.
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3 Responses to A Message of Compassion and Renewal

  1. johnfsapp says:

    Well said and from the heart my friend. Shine on

  2. (e)m says:

    I’ve missed the news. What happened? Link to the story please. And happy solstice William. I hope you and yours have a wonderful celebration.

    • William says:

      Thank you Emily. Yes, we did have a lovely Solstice feast; my children could barely wait for the blessing to end before linking hands and shouting Blessed Be to the Universe. At ages three and four, they’re extremely enthusiastic about everything 🙂

      The article I find most disturbing that details the current political situation in Washington can be read here. I don’t much care for individuals who kick a man when he’s down. Essentially, the GOP utterly abandoned Speaker Boehner as he attempted to implement his plan to reduce the political backlash the Republican Party faces when our country pulls a Thelma & Louise off the fiscal cliff. With the cloak of authority ripped from him by the derision of his peers, he was reduced to tearfully reciting the serenity prayer before sending his caucus home for the holidays.

      While it’s true that Mr. Boehner has not followed the wisest strategy over the course of his speakership, he has done the best he could with what the GOP gave him to work with. Although I disagree with 99.9 percent of his ideology, I believe the Speaker to be a man of honor and I respect his level of commitment to the country. Being an emotional man, Mr. Boehner is somewhat prone to weeping under extreme stress – many people have chosen to blame him directly for his Party’s lunacy since the general election and in some cases they have maliciously attacked his sensitivity, which I feel is one of the Speaker’s most endearing traits.

      While I do not support Mr. Boehner politically he is clearly being trampled into the mud and no one in the media seems to care that in the process of tearing him apart they are simultaneously destroying the last shreds of his dignity. He certainly doesn’t deserve to bear the brunt of our national hatred. If anything, the poor man is in severe need of a hug. I hope this coming Christmas returns some measure of joy to his life.

      Our country is in serious trouble. Not vis-à-vis the fiscal cliff, or curb as Laurence O’Donnell would say, for I suspect we will recover from that fairly quickly. I speak instead of the pervasive apathy that has taken root in the hearts of many Americans. When I was growing up, the holiday season was a time of forgiveness and celebration, when we would join together in supporting those less fortunate and share our dreams with loved ones while looking to the future with anticipation.

      It seems to me that, as a country, we have nearly lost our ability to care about anyone but ourselves. When it takes an atrocity like the Sandy Hook massacre to galvanize our citizens into some semblance of activism, we clearly need to deeply analyze our personal motivations and work toward meaningful, positive change. If we fail to do so, I fear even the slightest expression of compassion will eventually be beyond our reach and hope itself will become nothing more than a remembered dream.

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