Petition for Equal Rights

The United States is the greatest nation in the world today because it promotes the freedom and equality inherent in democratic society. These concepts have been a part of our national identity from the beginning of our Republic – absolute equality in the eyes of the law is not a partisan ideal but is rather an expectation of all Americans. I encourage everyone to sign the Equal Rights Petition today.

We believe as a people that our Government must act immediately to restore our faith in its ability to uphold our most cherished principles. We acknowledge that our strength lies in our diversity and we therefore demand both executive and legislative support for an Amendment clearly providing that the equality of rights for all under the law shall not be denied on account of gender, ethnicity, religion, race, age or sexual orientation.


About William Knox

Rev. William Knox is the founder and current Chancellor of the Contemporary Pagan Alliance. Ordained in 1995 as an interfaith minister, he serves as senior priest at the Sanctuary of Light in Ravenswood,WV. and is an invested brother in the Shanddite Order of Pagan Secular Monks.
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2 Responses to Petition for Equal Rights

  1. the petition had me up to the last part on ‘sexual orientation’ as a citizen, i realize that if the majority of votes is to establish that kind of ‘equality’ i must accept it as a ‘normal’ part of society. but as a christian, my own free vote is informed by my biblical values and the understanding that the bible declares homosexuality as a sin and perversion of what God has created for good and natural purposes. therefore i cannot in good conscience sign the petition, but will not keep others from also ‘freely’ expressing and voting their opinions and conscience in agreeing with it.
    the same freedom that establishes their right to agree is the same freedom that establishes and protects my freedom to disagree.
    thanks for the opportunity to contribute and exchange ideas. also, thanks for the follow on Purposeful Pruning. hopefully we can continue to converse and exchange ideas and opinions in a respectful way. (too little of that going on these days)

    • William says:

      “…the same freedom that establishes their right to agree is the same freedom that establishes and protects my freedom to disagree.”

      I absolutely agree and further I respect your reasons for choosing to decline. I expected to see a certain amount of opposition based on the broad nature of the petition. My logic is fairly simple – I felt I could not propose a constitutional amendment vis-a-vis equal rights without addressing the concept of equality for all Americans, whatever their personal beliefs may be. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you in the future.

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