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To (e)m, adding to the debate

Dear (e)m, You are more than welcome. I have no intention of offending people on purpose and if my statements are taken in such a light it is my responsibility to sincerely apologize. You are quite correct in that I … Continue reading

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Support equality, unconditionally.

Although we are all truly equal in the eyes of God, we see each other in an entirely different light through the window of our mortal perspective.  We have made great strides toward achieving equality but we still have a … Continue reading

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Is God an atheist?

Interesting question, isn’t it? Allow me to explain why I chose to name this post in such a manner before you delve too deeply and your thoughts become hopelessly distracted by the far reaching philosophical implications inherent in the question … Continue reading

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God does not advocate violence

After the events which took place at the American consulate in Libya yesterday I feel it necessary to comment on the actions of the political extremists who instigated violent conflict against Americans with the ridiculous excuse that they act in … Continue reading

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Defining God

First, let me start off this post by saying that I don’t believe any single definition can accurately describe God. The only descriptive phrase that sums up God as a being is written in many different holy books – God … Continue reading

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Meeting God

I felt a compelling desire to lay prostrate as a great rushing feeling took my awareness through time and space, pulling my consciousness forward and for a moment I was not cognizant of anything other than the emptiness of the void. And … Continue reading

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